The Status Of Situs Slot In India

Situs Slot games are gaining popularity in places all across the globe. But it is in an earlier stage in India, but Sikkim planned to offer three online gambling licenses in 2010. This, unfortunately, failed. Sikkim also permits an online lottery, which takes bets from people throughout the country. It was expected that the other states would also follow soon. But, as compared to just gambling, the penalty for being caught gambling online has been a fine of Rs.90, 000 per day since 2009, which is way more than the fine of gambling.


Situs Slot offers the following advantages:

  1. Entertaining: Don’t know what was the main objective of its invention but it seems like entertainment was its result. It’s exciting and wins gives you a certain amount of joy and happiness, which cuts of the world from you being the ultimate winner in the existing world. The amount of fun it can provide is still hidden for many. Gambling is fun when you know how much money you can risk to win or lose something.
  2. Comfort: In the era where the focus shifts from hard work to smart work, the introduction of the internet is aided its facilities to gamble. Smart work where you can win without leaving your comfort zone. Most of them consider their house to be a comfort zone, so sit and play without any interventions from the outside world.

Situs Slot

What is the legal status of online gambling?

There is gambling legislation in our country that was introduced long before the age of Internet. So, the provisions put forward by the laws do not attempt to contemplate the very idea and concept of online gambling. Most of the gambling laws are applicable with respect to physical space.

It is a fact that consumers get to gamble from the comfort of their own choice of device and location has encouraged an altogether new set of addicts.